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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wednesday's notes & links

Here are a few links to laugh at or cry over.

I would attribute this to our growing reliance on computer spell checking. People no longer proof read, they just expect the computer to do it for them.
Ottawa County will pay about $40,000 to correct an embarrassing typo on its Nov. 7 election ballot: The "L" was left out of "public." A total of 170,000 ballots will have to be reprinted.

Something about this article made me think back to reading the book Animal Farm.
Wealth gap worries Communist elite
I guess some animals are more equal than others.

What is it with these lying authors hawking books on Oprah.
A woman who gained national notoriety for writing a book about being raped, then abandoning her newborn in a college trash been has been sentenced to prison for being the rapist in the case. Twyana Davis, 30, claimed in 1995 that she had been raped, appeared on television shows to tell her story.

But she also was harboring a secret: She wasn't raped. She was the rapist, Franklin County prosecutors said. Davis was sentenced Tuesday in Common Pleas Court to 10 to 25 years in prison on a charge of rape. She had confessed to having a sexual relationship with a 12-year-old cousin, leading to her unwanted pregnancy.

In November 1995, Davis left her daughter in a trash bin at Ohio Dominican College, where she was a student. The baby survived. Davis was caught and convicted of child endangering. She then wrote the book "Sacred Womb" and formed the group, Second Chance of Life, leading to appearances on Oprah and 20/20.

Here is a laugh, Rep. John Murtha is coming to Cincinnati to support Victoria Wulsin who is challenging Rep. Jean Schmidt. Whatever Murtha is selling he won't find many buyers in this part of the state.

In an article titled Carter's Amnesia, Investor's Business Daily addresses the former president's faulty memory.
Former President Carter claims his brilliant peacemaking had it all solved in North Korea until George W. Bush's warmongering ruined it. He's forgetting a decade's worth of communist cheating.
He needs to go back to building homes because every time he talks about foreign affairs he reminds people what a lousy president he was and what a petty bitter old man he has become.


Blogger Ben said...

It would be nice to see Murtha campaign more in tight districts to help push the Republican over the top.

10:27 PM


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