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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

College football coaching carousel

Several colleges are preparing for a coaching change. Some are firing the current coach due to losses. Some are unexpectedly looking for a new coach because the present coach has resigned to take a job at a school with a higher profile. I understand that every school is anxious to get a new coach in right away due to recruiting concerns. Having said that, I'm bothered by the trend of contacting a coach at another school before their current season has finished. Here in Cincinnati, Mark Dantonio was lured away from the University of Cincinnati to coach at Michigan State University. Dantonio is in his third year at UC where he has made strides towards being a highly competitive team. UC finished at 7-5 this year and will be playing in a bowl game in late December. Now, in between their last regular game and their bowl game the head coach departs. While I understand the desire for a higher paycheck and the opportunity to compete at the highest level, this lack of loyalty to his players speaks poorly of Dantonio. I think the NCAA needs to take a look at this practice of contacting coaches prior to conclusion of their season. If that is a recruiting set back for a team looking to change coaches so be it. Maybe teams will give a second thought to firing their current coach if they realize they have to wait until January to hire a new one.



Blogger Ben said...

I agree generally, but Dantonio had to do what he had to do. I am not sure anyone can win at Michigan State for awhile.

2:24 PM


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