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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Blue Dog Democrats

Blue Dog Democrats are considered to be social and economic moderates within the Democrat party. Many have rushed to declare that the majority of the freshman class of the 110th Congress are Blue Dog Democrats. These new congressmen are getting that label based on comments made while campaigning. It would be nice to think there might be some moderation of the extreme leftward tilt to that party, but I think it is extremely premature to call someone a moderate just based on sound bites during a political campaign. Now that they have won an election lets see how they vote in congress. Label them based on their actions not their words. The new members of the House of Representatives will have an early test as they vote for a majority leader. They have a choice between the fairly moderate (at least by today's standards) Steny Hoyer or the ethically challenged and far left leaning Jack Murtha.

A new member of the senate, Bob Casey ran for election as a pro-life Catholic (is there another kind?). In his case as well, words mean nothing. Let's see how he votes on judicial nominees. Will he follow Ted Kennedy's example? Kennedy pretends to be a Catholic when he visits Massachusetts but when he returns to D.C. he votes like a member of NARAL.


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