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Monday, November 06, 2006

Crook or Terrorist?

A man on the terrorist watch list got caught the other day attempting to withdraw money from a bank under a fake name.
Red flags went up when a man tried to withdraw thousands of dollars from an Upper Darby bank. Police said he had a Pakistani passport that had been tampered with, a fake driver's license and a fake Social Security card. Police said they were investigating whether the man was connected to terrorism. The man went into a Commerce Bank Wednesday and withdrew $8,700. He returned the same day to take out another $9,700. That's when he was arrested.
No telling what this guy intended to do with the money he was withdrawing. One thing we do know is terrorism isn't cheap. The logistics involved in planning an attack are very expensive. That is why it was so infuriating when the media arm of the Democrat party (The New York Times) disclosed one of the key methods used to track funds which could be heading to finance terrorism. Terrorists may be nuts but they aren't stupid. If we tell them how we are working to stop them they will change their methods.


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Spot on. I agree.

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