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Friday, October 27, 2006

Some late Friday links

The SOB Alliance has a new member: Connect the Dots. Stop by his site. He has a link to a cool song by the anti-Dixie Chick, Beccy Cole an Australian singer who unapologetically supports their troops serving in Iraq.

Does the Democrat party of 1864 match the Democrat party of 2006. Absolutely spot on. (h/t Curmudeonly and Skeptical)

I don't know whether to trust the polls and whether or not it is too late to change peoples minds but Sen. DeWine clearly trounced Rep. Sherrod Brown in today's debate. Here is a link to a video of the debate. Judge for yourself.

The St. Louis Cardinals defeated the Detroit Tigers to win the sloppiest World Series I have ever witnessed. I lost count at 12 errors between the two teams and that doesn't include several plays which should have been made but weren't without errors being charged. Beyond the fielding errors there were several base runner blunders. Congratulations to the Cardinals who now have won the second most World Series championships with 10.


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