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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Another bad idea from congress

Some of the worst (and costliest) actions from congress come from the horse trading game of quid pro quo. Here is another example:
D.C. residents may get vote in Congress
Efforts would also add a new representative from Utah
I have long felt that residents of the District of Columbia should have representation in congress. However, adding representatives isn't the answer. Divide their population among the adjoining districts in Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania. This is being sold as a gain of one house seat for each party since Utah is heavily Republican and D.C. is overwhelmingly Democrat. Problem with this from the Republican point of view (besides the unconstitutionality) is this will set a precedent which will in time lead to a push for additional senators. Once you treat D.C. as a state by giving it a representative in the House it is a short step to the next argument that they rate senators as well.

Bottom line: The 435 congressmen we have as it is are spending money we don't have fast enough. They don't need two more co-conspirators.


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