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Friday, January 19, 2007

Indians sign Trot Nixon?

ESPN is reporting that the Indians have signed Trot Nixon to a one year three million dollars contract. I understand that three million dollars is not a lot of money in the insane world of professional sports. Heck, last week some soccer player signed a fifty million a year contract to play in San Diego and no one watched soccer in the United States. Problem I have with this deal is it was completely unnecessary. Cleveland has a glut of average outfielders. Describing Trot Nixon as even average is stretching the truth. Nixon has been injury prone and his performance has been in a steep decline. Bottom line, he provides nothing we don't already have. The only thing I've heard anyone say to defend this signing is "he's a leader and he's great in the clubhouse." Then sign him to be a clubhouse attendant not an outfielder.


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