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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Cal Ripken Jr. and Tony Gwynn elected to baseball Hall of Fame

The Baseball Writers Association of America announced the players selected for inductions to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Cal Ripken received 98.5% of the vote and Tony Gwynn was named on 97.6 percent of the ballots. Congratulations to both men on a well deserved honor. However, the talking heads at ESPN are more concerned with a player who received 23 percent (Mark McGwire). If they want to discuss players who should have gotten more support from the voters I would recommend they consider Goose Gossage and Bert Blyleven. Gossage received the most votes amongst players not elected. After the writers last year selected a contemporary of Gossage's who was not as good a pitcher I was sure he would pick up enough votes this year. Blyleven's omission was not as surprising. Despite having the fifth most career strikeouts and 60 shutouts (11 more than any pitcher whose carrer started in 1970 or later) the writers never saw Blyleven as particularly dominating. Historically, the writers have foolishly tended to mainly concentrate on win total when evaluating starting pitchers. While a starting pitcher has a lot to do with whether his team wins, there are obviously other factors that come into play such as run support and whether the bullpen holds the lead. Inexplicably, Blyleven actually lost support from last years election falling from 53% to 47%.

Former Indian Albert Belle falls off the ballot after receiving less than the 5% of votes necessary to remain on the ballot. Belle is obviously suffering for his boorish behavior. I'm not arguing that Belle should be in the HoF, but he was one the the most feared hitters of the 1990 and had a much better career than many who got more votes. Last I heard Belle was in prison for stalking some woman so I guess he has more important things to worry about than the Hall of Fame.



Blogger Ben said...

in all seriousness how did belle get more votes than Jose Canseco?

1:13 PM

Blogger LargeBill said...

In all seriousness because he was a much better player. There are several reasons both players got less votes than they should have. Canseco became a clown later in his career. He openly admitted to steroid usage. While Belle has a longer criminal rap sheet, Canseco has had more than his share of run-ins with the law.

As far as on the field performance, Belle was actually much better than Canseco despite trailing in homers and RBI due to an injury shortened career.
Belle HR: 381 RBI: 1239 in 12 seasons
BA: .295, OBP: .369 SLG: .564
Canseco HR: 462 RBI 1407 in 17 seasons
BA: .266 OBP: .353 SLG: .515
On the Black Ink test Belle leads 28 to 15
On Grey Ink Belle leads 137 to 93
Belle lead the league in total bases 3 times and was in the top ten 7 times.
Canseco never lead the league in TB but was in the top ten 3 times.
Belle had over 100 RBI in every full season except his first (95 RBI in 123 games).
Three times Belle had more homers in a season (50, 48 and 49) than Canseco had in his best season (46)
Canseco won one MVP and Belle should have won in 1995.

2:16 PM

Blogger Ben said...


didnt know those stats. you make a good case. the indians shoudl still sign him as DH. That way he can tan in the dugout when the Tribe is in the field and then come out and hit HRs.

8:51 PM


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