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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

State of the Union address

Tonight President Bush will deliver his sixth State of the Union (SOTU) address. Politicians will be listening for policy pronouncements to disparage.
Investors will be listening for indications of future plans to wastefully spend money confiscated from one group of citizens (go ahead and call them taxpayers) to bribe another group of citizens called voters. Chris at A Large Regular reminds us of the language used in the Constitution requiring this annual report.
"The President shall from time to time give to Congress information of the State of the Union and recommend to their Consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient." Article II, Sec. 3, U.S. Constitution
Somehow, I don't think the present practice of promising everything to everyone is what was intended. I believe the founding fathers, knowing how precarious this young country was, really wanted a report on the condition of the union. With this in mind, I recommend the president, instead of giving the standard "The State of our Union is strong" platitudes, should give this short speech:
The state of our union is weak and splintered. Unlike during the 19th century when some states attempted to secede from the union, today we are divided between those who understand we are in a war and want to win it to secure our country's safety and those who believe we can ignore the problem and hope it will just go away. We are a strong country with a vibrant and growing economy. However, If we are unwilling to fully support the efforts to defend our country then in time our economic strength will be undone. Our military performed valiantly and we won the actual war in Iraq. However, if we fail to show the necessary resolve to secure the peace then the great sacrifices made will have been in vain. Our adversaries listen to our public statements. We still have our basic freedoms including freedom of speech, but those freedoms have responsibilities. Exercising it injudiciously sends the message that we while we can not be defeated on the battle field, we can be defeated politically at home. We must not let that happen!


Blogger Joe Beer Can said...

Sorry, Bill, I do not agree. We are NOT weak. We have withstood 57 years of hard core liberalism and we still speak English. Our tax rate is still less than 50% (barely, but still...), I can still legally own a gun, and I can still go to most libraries and find books that haven't been purged by the Vast Commie Left Wing Conspiracy. The state of the Union remains strong!

Yeah, I agree it is weaker than 50 years ago, I can't say EVERYthing I want to due to Political Correctness and nearly half of the people don't pay income tax, but hope is still there that responsibility will win out over collectivism.

We just need to get a real conservative instead of the Great Appeaser to the Left.

7:38 PM

Blogger Ben said...

Great Appeaser is good line when it comes to some things, but not the GWOT

9:26 PM


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