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Friday, March 16, 2007

Friday's links and comments

Sorry for the light blogging, we've had more important things to do.

Jonathan Williams of The Detroit News looks at the latest case of a corporation leaving Michigan and expresses dismay at their governor's response.
With the recent announcement of Comerica's relocation to Texas, the hemorrhaging of Michigan businesses continues. Astonishingly, instead of taking bold steps to make Michigan more competitive and attract investment, Gov. Jennifer Granholm's plan to end the mass exodus of employers is to raise taxes on them.

Basic economics says that to become more competitive, you don't raise your prices, you lower them. Since taxes are the price of living and working in a state, they are a direct cost for businesses and influence business investment decisions.

It is pure nonsense to think Ford or General Motors would attract customers by raising the price of cars. The same goes for raising Michigan's tax burden to compete for business investment
Why does this matter to us here in Ohio? It matters because our politicians are going down the same path Michigan took to find themselves in trouble.

Peggy Noonan's latest column, The Trouble With Loyalty, starts slowly, but makes a valid point about how we choose candidates when it gets going.
We were marking a birthday. I was seated next to a politically experienced businessman, an acquaintance of many years. He kept talking about the presidential race. I asked who he's supporting. He was surprised I had to ask. "Hillary," he said.

I nodded. "Tell me why," I said.

"I've known her for years," he said. "I'm a loyal person."

I waited for him to say more. But he didn't.

"Your reason for backing her is that you're loyal?"

"Yes," he said.

As if that were enough.
Read the rest.

Weird, another goof climbs over the White House fence. Weirder, this guy is 66 years old. Heck, I'm around 20 years younger than that and I'm not going to climb over any ten foot high fence. Get this guy to try out for the Senior Olympics or better yet get him to a prison cell.

This is what we need scientists working to figure out.
Fact or Fiction?: A Cockroach Can Live without Its Head

Former Commissioner of Major League Baseball Bowie Kuhn passed away yesterday. One thing I didn't know, and haven't seen mentioned in news coverage of his passing, is Kuhn was a strong pro-life advocate. Vital Signs Blog has a nice tribute to Kuhn for his efforts on behalf of that worthy cause.


Anonymous bob said...

Bill, A cockroach may be able to live without their head but if you spray them with WD-40 you put them dow2n pretty quick. I bet that's a commercial you never hear.

2:13 AM

Blogger Ben said...

I love these stories of people getting arrested around the White House. I mean how stupid do you have to be?

3:19 PM

Anonymous george Herbert Walker Bush said...

the reason sceintists study things like that is to iluminate how the neural pathways reroute, it has applications for humans, intreating thinks like alzheimers, dementia etc. We also study why amphibians have regenerative powers when a tail is cut off. By learning about these things we could open up doors for human treatments in the future. Sort of like why newton spent al that time dropping gifferent objects from windows-it probably seemed dumb to the worthless codger mocking him at the time. Oh tiny bill, what you don't understand you mock

9:24 AM

Anonymous george Herbert Walker Bush said...

bilbo are you ok, you haven't potsed in awhile. I hope you are feeling well

4:32 PM

Anonymous george Herbert Walker Bush said...

can soemoen who lives in cincinatti check on Bill he lives in Westchester, Bill come back we miss you. We may disagree politcally but I feel like batman without the joker, ness without capone, clinton without starr, my son without the truth

4:35 PM

Blogger LargeBill said...


Not sure how I feel about being compared to the the Joker, Al Capone, Ken Starr, etc, but anyways I've just been too darn busy to spend much time drafting posts. I'll work on a baseball pre-season prediction post tomorrow or the next day.

8:25 PM


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