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Monday, April 30, 2007

Monday night news and links

I frequently bemoan the sad state of our overly litigious society. Well, here is an article showing it is not just an American problem.
Amputee wins damages after train fall
Basically, this woman was trespassing and tried to climb on a moving train unsuccessfully. In failing to get on the train she succeeded in losing a leg. Somehow she convinced some moron judge to make the railroad company give her half a million dollars for failing to keep her from trespassing and doing something stupid. The judge should be removed from the bench and disbarred for excessive stupidity.

Here is an obviously dishonest headline:
John Edwards: I’d invest billions in Michigan
Since Edwards only made millions as an extortionist tort attorney suing doctors for failing to be perfect he can not personally invest billions. I have to believe his actual intention is to offer to other peoples money as a bribe to get the citizens of Michigan to vote for him.

Alan M. Dershowitz wrote an article for FrontPage magazine titled The Real Jimmy Carter.
In reading Carter's statements, I was reminded of the bad old Harvard of the nineteen thirties, which continued to honor Nazi academics after the anti-Semitic policies of Hitler's government became clear. Harvard of the nineteen thirties was complicit in evil. I sadly concluded that Jimmy Carter of the twenty-first century has become complicit in evil.


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