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Saturday, January 08, 2005


Apparently, the Department of Education paid radio and TV commentator Armstrong Williams to talk up the No Child Left Behind Act. Sure, just like tort reform, Social Security privatization, and overhaul of the tax code/system the public needs to be educated about what the changes and who is affected. However, this process needs to be transparent.

Problem is this is the tip of the iceberg on government waste. When you spend millions and billions at a time you lose perspective about thousands. We need a greater understanding on where the government spends all the money they confiscate each year.

Lastly, watch the response to this scandal. I personally believe it should be quick and and public. The administration should repudiate the practice and fire the individual who approved this stupid idea. If the administration doesn't respond with quick action I'll be left to wonder how many other programs were "promoted" in a similar fashion. If the Democrats don't make a big stink about this then I'll assume this crap is nothing new.

Captain's Quarters also weighs in on this and examines Williams' ethical shortcomings in this sordid mess.


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