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Monday, February 14, 2005


I know, I know, Third Base should be next position reviewed according to official scorers. However, I view 2B and SS together as they often have the same player backing them up. Also, I'm not ready to do third base yet.

1. Chicago - Juan Uribe - Uribe had a good season offensively last year while being shuffled back and forth between four positions on defense. With the departure of Jose Valentin, he should be able to secure SS and I expect he will put up even better offensive numbers. Is he the first player to double his seasonal home runs after leaving Coors Field?

2. Detroit - Carlos Guillen - His great season last year was ended early due to a knee injury. Everything I've read indicates he should be fully rehabbed and ready to go.

3. Kansas City - Angel Berroa - After a very good rookie campaign in 2003 (ROY), Berroa slipped considerably and even got shipped back to to the minors for a while. I think his true level of performance is somewhere in between the two seasons.

4. Cleveland - Jhonny Peralta - Ostensibly, Peralta will be competing with Brandon Phillips for this job. However, all indications are the Indians are prepared to start the season with Peralta replacing longtime shortstop Omar Vizquel. Who will we see, the Peralta that won the IL MVP last year or the one who has batted .228 in limited major league exposure? Jose Hernandez signed to be a super-sub will back-up (or take over) .

5. Minnesota - Jason Bartlett - Seems to be the choice to replace Christian Guzman. Like Peralta, he's put up very good numbers in AAA but has yet to perform at the major league level.


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