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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Canseco and finger pointing

Jose Canseco is hawking a "tell all" book about steroid use in major league baseball. Personally, I will not put a penny in his pocket and I hope no one else does either. Legitimate steroid use as prescribed by a medical doctor to rectify a developmental problem or to promote muscle recovery from an injury is fine. However, illegal steroids are bad. Bad for the player's health and bad for the game of baseball. I'm not defending any individual player from these accusations. They are all cabable of refuting Canseco's claim. The problem is some people will believe ALL his claims since it is obvious that some players have "benefitted" from the use of steroids. My problem with Canseco is he is betraying a trust with his former teammates. To me, this is similar to a snitch against the mob. Yes, I want crime cleaned up and a snitch may necessary to accomplish that task. The snitch may have immunity but he doesn't get absolution for his transgressions and certainly shouldn't profit. The press releases about this book left me thinking he added stuff to get titilation and increase sales. Indicative of the need to sensationalize is his claim that President Bush as part owner of the Rangers "had to have known what was going on." No evidence or even claim that Bush saw any of the illegal activity. I assume he didn't make claims about other team owners only the one who's name may help book sales. Equally telling has been the response from some of the players Canseco slandered. Almost every response left me with the impression that Canseco was never a good teammate. Then again a good teammate wouldn't have written this book.


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