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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Philadelphia hosts pro-cop killer rally

Here's a gentle reminder to all aspiring politicians out there, doing the right thing in the first place is better than a nicely worded apology. Mayor John Street of Philadelphia apologized to the widow of a murdered police officer after a visit by two French politicians to city hall to discuss freeing the killer of her husband. Unfortunately, for the mayor the attempt to quietly curry favor with the nuts who support Mumia went awry when:

"the French politicians showed up with about 150 sign-waving protesters who had just marched around City Hall chanting Abu-Jamal's name."

For those who haven't followed this case, this scumbag shot the police officer in the back and then walked over and shot him in the face. He has since become a cause-celebre among Hollywood nuts (Ed Asner, Ozzie Davis, etc), foreign politicians (George Soros, Teresa Heinz Kerry and the French) and some death-penalty opponents (Jesse Jackson).

Responsible public servants like the mayor should not be giving gifts to foreigners here to mock our legal system.

For those fooled into believing Mumia was framed here is some evidence otherwise.

H/T to Right Wing News for the link.


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Every constituency needs a Bernie Goetz, I suppose.

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