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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Old Media versus Web-logs (blogs)

A frequent claim made by the mainstream (okay, extreme left-wing) media when under criticism from web-logs is that the blogs don't have editorial oversight or fact checking. The claim is laughable from several angles. This is usually more of an issue on hard news and political stories. However, sports related blogs are equally derided by most in the legacy media. Aaron Gleeman reviewed Buster Olney's latest column and found a bunch of obvious factual errors.

"In it, Olney writes the following about the St. Louis Cardinals (I've put the notable section in bold):

But Albert Pujols complained during the offseason about nagging injuries, Jim Edmonds turns 41 this season, and Edgar Renteria -- an underrated member of this attack -- is gone. It's possible the Cardinals won't be able to support the pitching the way they did last year.

In reality, Jim Edmonds was born on June 27, 1970, which means he turns 35 years old in about four months. So Olney was only off by six years.

Wait, there's more

If Olney can't get the easy stuff right why should he be trusted on the unverifiable tidbits he throws in his columns?


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