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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Have to admire Congressman King

This is pretty funny. Some goofs write to their congressman (Peter King r-NY). Unlike most politicians he actually read their letters and fired off responses. The constituents were upset with his tone and went to the newspapers to complain. All they accomplished was making themselves look nutty in their local newspaper. Listen to what one lady had to say:
Borecky, of Merrick, said the tone of King's letter was unwarranted and upsetting. "To be honest, it scared me. I just felt, well almost threatened; originally that's what I thought," said Borecky, a registered Democrat who owns a transportation company. "How can a professional congressman write to his constituents like that? I was insulted and I was scared. He mailed it to my home. He knows where I live. I got a little frightened."
I think someone needs her meds adjusted. Anyway, here is King's response:
King said Borecky's concerns are absurd. "I would say she should take a tranquilizer," King said with a chuckle. "I'm the one in public life; I should be scared. I don't know anyone who goes around assassinating constituents." "I think they should be honored they have a congressman who actually listens to them -- even if they are not making sense," King said. "I respond to them and they run crying to the newspapers. It's just like the kid who's a wise punk, then when someone takes a shot at them they go running to the teacher."


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