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Friday, July 01, 2005

Let the games begin!!!

ALERT!!! It was just announced that Associate Justice Sandra Day O'Connor is retiring from the Supreme Court.
I expect the Bush administration to quickly announce a nominee since this is hardly a surprise. I further expect the nominee to be quickly denounced as an extremist by the various special interest groups and mistreated by the buffoons we call senators.

I'll update this with links when available.

President Bush accepted her resignation and in his statement, the president called for ``a dignified process of confirmation in the United States Senate, characterized by fair treatment, a fair hearing and a fair vote.'' Hopefully, the always bombastic and never dignified Ted Kennedy gets the message.

Justice O'Connor's career will be picked and panned by legal scholars from both ends of the political spectrum. I am not a legal scholar so I won't attempt to analize her legal opinions. She hasn't been a consistently reliable conservative on social issues but she followed the Constitution on most matters and received applause for her dissent on the recent Kelo case. I will applaud her sense of timing and her dedication to our country. She could easily have justified retiring well before today. She stayed for an additional court term at considerable personal sacrifice. She has had health issues in recent years and her husband is suffering the effects of Alzheimers Disease. However, I think she understood the affect a Supreme Court opening and appointment would have had on last years presidential election. Additionally, unlike some previous justices, she decided to retire before the ravages of age made her incapable of performing her duties.


Anonymous bob said...

Bill The more extreme the better let's take back our country

7:40 AM

Blogger LargeBill said...

Concur. This is going to be interesting to watch. Does the deal struck by the gang of 14 fall apart with the first SCOTUS nominee? I'd love to see multiple openings just to see the left go nuts as the president names justices who have read and understand the Constitution.

7:49 AM

Blogger Richard said...

I'm with the both of you. Let's get another Scalia/Thomas on the court.

9:58 PM


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