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Monday, July 18, 2005

Nuke Mecca?

Hugh Hewitt is decrying comments made by Congressman Tom Tancredo about potentially bombing Mecca if nuclear weapons are used against the United States. I'm not a big fan of nukes and the death and destruction they can cause. However, Hewitt is very wrong in his condemnation of Tancredo. The only possible value of nuclear weapons is if they can serve as a deterent. Sending the message that we would not just chase after a couple terrorists in reponse to a nuke attack is important. People are fond of saying we're not at war with Islam. Maybe not, but Islam is at war with us. As long as Mosques are being used to foment hatred of the West. As long as mosques around the world are funding organizations that support terrorists. As long as "good" Muslims protect and harbor terrorists. As long as those things and others are being done by Muslims they are demonstrating that they are at war with us. Maybe hearing that the birthplace of their religion could be a target if they attack with a nuke will cause them to stop and consider their support of terrorism.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Absolutely SPOT on.

I seek a "new MAD doctrine." Let them know -- all 1 billion -- what the cost of their "death to America" chants & prayers will lead them.

Ranten N. Raven

8:19 PM

Anonymous bob said...

Your presupposing that the terrorist can string a logical thought together. Personally I don't think the Islamic culture of suicide would see adown side in becoming "martyrs".

7:06 AM


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