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Thursday, July 14, 2005

The media angst over Karl Rove

The mainstream media arm of the Democratic party is all in a tizzy over revelations that Karl Rove's had a conversation with a reporter. The media is intentionally ignoring the story and focusing on Rove. What is the story? A reporter called Rove ostensibly to discuss one subject and then quickly changed the subject to ask about Joe Wilson's claims that Vice President Cheney had sent him to Niger to investigate British claims that Iraq had sought Uranium and that he found evidence refuting the British position and that the president ignored his report and included the British claim in his State of the Union speech. Karl Rove warned the reporter not to run with the story as nearly everything Wilson was saying was false. To prove Wilson's dishonesty he mentioned that Cheney didn't pick him for the assignment but that he got it through nepotism as his wife picked him to go to Niger.

So the media which has whined the last four years about this being "the most secretive administration ever" is now supposedly upset about one very minor leak which was intended to help one of their own not get fooled by a serial liar. Yeah, right. No, the media is upset with Karl Rove for helping George Bush beat their candidate the last two elections.

Here are a bunch of articles explaining it in more detail.
David Frum's Diary examines a red herring called the Blumenthal Hypothetical
Investor's Business Daily
In Being Joe Wilson in a Dream…, Nick Schulz wonders why Wilson accepted the assignment in the first place.
Jackson Junction has video of Newt Gingrich clearly and succinctly taking the case apart on the Today show.
For a laugh check out Betsy Newmark's run down of the 12 stages of a scandalette.
Just One Minute is all over this story and is worth a look.
Separately, why is Judith Miller in jail? Chris at A Large Regular has the scoop. Seems she would rather spend time in jail than admit that her source was Heywood Jablome.


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