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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Sunday columns and musings

Hal McCoy's latest Baseball Insider column. Lot's of good info.

Terry Pluto of the Akron Beacon Journal looks at Indians attendance and discusses some options for upgrading the offense.

Can't believe I'm saying this, but for the last two months Scott Elarton may have been the Indians best starting pitcher. It is a sign of a good team that the number five starter is winning. In April, he was the worst pitcher on the team and in danger of being released.

DENNIS! A stark reminder of why we are glad we don't live on the coast anymore.

While we have been watching the goings on in the Middle East and the bombings in London, trouble has been brewing in the Philippines. Arroyo's days may be numbered.

What a way to start your career.
Rookie hit in head by Marlins reliever on 1st pitch he sees

Problems with blogging. Like anything else problems usually arise from a lack of common sense. If you discuss your boss or job online assume your boss will find out.

Captain Leslie J. McCoy, the Commanding Officer of the terrorist detention center in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba was fired. Dick Durbin and his fellow moonbats will be disappointed to find out it had nothing to do with how the detainees were treated.

Republicans and Supremes
an article in The Washington Times compares how Supreme Court nominees for Democrats have ruled as expected whereas Republican nominees have been a crapshoot at best.

In The Weekly Standard Fred Barnes has an important message for President Bush regarding his Supreme Court nomination.
PRESIDENT BUSH NEEDS TO KEEP two facts in mind as he looks to replace retiring Supreme Court justice Sandra Day O'Connor (and, should he step down, Chief Justice William Rehnquist). The first is that he can win confirmation of almost any conceivable nominee for the High Court, screams of protest by Democrats and hostile media coverage notwithstanding. The second is that he has a promise to keep. Since he began running for the White House six years ago, he has declared endlessly his intention to select judges who interpret the law rather than create it--in a word, conservatives
In the Senate Bush has the votes (55) to get any qualified nominee confirmed. He can't let the catterwalling from the left scare him from naming a good conservative judge.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Barns is too close to Kristol - With a qualification. I agree with his opening paragraph.;which you have verbatim.
My qualification is that he needs to get Dr. Frist replaced to get a conservative judge approved. Where has Fred been the last 6 months? How can he say ” As for the document ploy, it is a tool of obstruction, not a form of legitimate inquiry, and everyone knows it.” Everyone does not know it! This is the ploy that Dr. Frist has caved in on over and over since Feb. And to this day is still caving in on! Does Fred have the same low opinion of his readers the MSM seems to have. Does he think we all have our head in the sand; or as one of our progressive commenters recently said “ in our as-es”? The “document ploy” is alive and well and working right now! Ask Bolton Fred! A filibuster could be successful if Dr. Frist remains the top GOPer in the Senate. It should not be but with his lack of management ability it very well could be.
I hop fFred’s last paragraph is right and a good prediction. “We don't expect the president to break his promise--quite the contrary. True, Bush exacerbated the controversy over the possible nomination of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, a close Bush friend. He jumped on conservatives who, without attacking Gonzales harshly, recommended that he not be the president's first Supreme Court pick. At the same time, a senior Bush adviser was urging journalists to read Federalist No. 76, in which Alexander Hamilton advised presidents against naming cronies to high positions. Hamilton's view didn't prevail when Bush made Gonzales attorney general, but we suspect it will on the court vacancy. It certainly should.
Gonzales Has a negative view of the Bill of Rights that is similar to Nancy Pelosi’s. For a reference to his position on the Second Ammendment being precisely the same as Pelosi’s I offer this link - More supplied on requent.
Rod Stanton

4:43 PM


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