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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Taking politics too far

I'm an advocate of free speech. I have no problem with strongly stating your views. However, at the end of the day politicians are people who go home to their families. Home should be a sanctuary from the political vitriol seen at work. What brings this up? Some moron lefty blogger (A Liberal Dose) has posted Karl Rove's address and directions to his house and recommends people stop on by and throw feces at his house. These idiots need to grow up and get a clue. Rove is not the devil incarnate. He is a political advisor to the president. That's all he is. Being upset about losing is one thing. Attacking your opponent's home and family is not going to make more people inclined to vote for your party.

(H/T to Conservative Grapevine for the info)


Anonymous bob said...

Bill, They ought to arrest and confiscate liberal doses computer.

7:00 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


9:50 AM

Blogger Josh said...

I think Rove is scum but I agree with what you are saying nonetheless.

6:48 PM


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