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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Can't New York do better than Pirro or Clinton?

My 2004 Almanac lists the population for the state of New York as 19,157,532. Five years ago, despite having over nineteen million people to choose from, New Yorkers chose a native of Illinois (Hillary Clinton) to represent them in the U.S. Senate. Now, they have a chance to do better and what are their choices? They can reelect Clinton or they can go with the Republican challenger, Westchester District Attorney Jeanine Pirro. One of the areas where Sen. Clinton is most vulnerable is her involvement in ignoring/covering up her husband's various malfeasance. So the New York Republicans are considering a candidate whose husband Albert (a convicted tax cheat and a deadbeat dad) makes Bill Clinton almost seem honorable. They can do better than nominating "Hillary-light." How about one of these two?
Pirro's rivals for the Republican Senate nomination, including former Yonkers Mayor John Spencer and corporate lawyer Ed Cox - President Richard Nixon's son-in-law - are ready to argue these and other conservative points. They might not have Pirro's charisma, good looks and natural appeal for women, but at least they would have something to talk about on the campaign trail.
If not one of them, there are 19 million other people to consider. Also, it appears that Pirro's main argument against reelecting Clinton is that she may run for president. Does she really think New Yorkers would be upset to see their senator move on to the White House?

UPDATE: Larry Kudlow, CNBC's smartest economist and political commentator, agrees with me on Pirro not being the best New York could do.


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