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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Indians beat Yankees!

Since 1994 with the creation of the Central Division in the American League, the Indians and Yankees are no longer in the same division. Doesn't matter. Wins over New York will always mean more emotionally than beating the Royals or other teams in our new division. Last night, the Indians jumped out to a 6 to 1 lead and held on to win 6 to 5. What really stands out when I look at the Yankees is how bad their pitching is. They have enough offense to stay in the pennant race. However, if they continue to rely on washed up pitchers thrown away by other organizations (Al Leiter, Hideo Nomo, etc) they aren't going to see the playoffs. The Yankees current roster has about 8 potential Hall of Famers and people would laugh if I suggested any current Indian will see the inside of Cooperstown without a ticket. However, pitching is what wins and I would give the Indians (and obviously the A's) the edge in the Wild Card race because of much better pitching.


Anonymous bob said...

Where do you get 8 potential hofers A-Rod ,Rivera o.k who else.

5:08 AM

Blogger LargeBill said...

Not sure fire Hall of Famers, but I'd say the following will get consideration:
Rodriguez (*)
Rivera (*)
Randy Johnson (*)
Mike Mussina
Bernie Williams
Gary Sheffield
Hideki Matsui
(*) = Could retire today and would get in.
Heck I could throw in Giambi if July means he is back. He is 34 and has 300 homers.

6:17 AM

Anonymous bob said...

I forgot about Johnson doesn't really seem to be a Yankee. Jeter maybe a couple years ago but I think his best years are behind him and too short. The rest are probably a short step behind.

6:53 AM


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