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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Simon Weisenthal

Captain's Quarter's brings to our attention the passing of Simon Weisenthal.
Simon Weisenthal, the man most responsible for forcing the world to confront the horrors of the Holocaust and living the pledge, "Never forget!", has passed away in his sleep. Weisenthal was 96 years old, or about 60 years older than the Nazi animals who once held him captive planned.
We are losing some of the WWII generation daily, hopefully we don't lose an understanding of the evil they fought.


Anonymous bob said...

Bill, Alas I think it is inevitable that we forget as a society. After all at one time it was remember the Alamo or remember the Maine.As new challenges emerge it is only natural to focus on them (Islamo fascist terror).

6:29 AM


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