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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A failure of the justice system turns fatal

If our courts did their job two people would be alive today.
A judge had given him a second chance after a dozen traffic infractions, felony drug convictions and probation violations.

Then, in August, with four years in jail for any probation violation hanging over his head, Crumbly allegedly got upset and hit his ex-girlfriend after she refused a kiss, according to court records.

While awaiting trial in that case, Crumbly, 30, was driving on Shore Drive early Saturday when he struck three pedestrians and took off, police said. Two of the victims died.
This scumbag was out on probation commits another offense and the criminal system doesn't lock him up. Result: two people are dead, one of whom was a young Navy officer with a bright future the other was a local high school teacher. Probation only works if the person on probation understands that any offense will result in application of the prior sentence. All of society pays when the criminal justice system fails.


Anonymous rod stanton said...

Right. This is why a lot of conservatives were disappointed when the Pres did not nominate a conservative. Roberts is no bleeding heart liberal but he is also not a tough conservative. Very disappointing.

2:28 PM


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