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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Republican Party Census Document

In yesterday's mail I get this official looking envelope from the Republican National Committee. I open it up and it contained a survey and a four page letter explaining how important the survey is developing a blueprint for the Republican party. What are the important questions they need input on? Here are a couple:
Do you think Congress should focus on cutting the federal budget deficit by reducing federal spending?

Do you think U.S. troops should have to serve under United Nations commanders?
Those are just a couple of the dumber questions. Everyone thinks the government should reduce wasteful spending. The issue is deciding what spending is wasteful. I doubt any decent American would want our military under U.N. control. The choices were Yes, No and Undecided. They didn't even bother asking on a scale of 1 to 5 what issue is most important.

Of course the survey is not really intended to solicit my views. It was intended to solicit my money. On the back it says:
Will you join the Republican National Committee by making a contribution today?
YES, I support the RNC and am enclosing my most generous contribution of
$500 $250 $100** $50 $25 Other $____
** A gift in this amount pays to mail 250 more CENSUS DOCUMENTS to registered Republicans.
Yes, I support the RNC, but am unable to participate at this time. However, I have enclosed $11 to cover the cost of tabulating my survey.

What a bunch of horse hockey! They're spending $11 per survey to tabulate the results? No wonder we have an outlandish national deficit. This outfit is run by the same morons throwing away taxpayers money. If they had sent me a letter saying they need money to run ads explaining stuff to people who get their news from leftist goofs like Katie Couric and Chris Matthews I might have listened. But if you tell me you need $11 per survey to find out if registered Republicans think we should be for or against terrorism, then you can go piss up a rope. My wife and kids can waste my money, I don't need Ken Mehlman to do it.

I wonder if Ken Mehlman actually read the letter his signature was stamped on. The most important thing to do when sending correspondence is to read it as though you are the recipient before you send it.


Anonymous bob said...

Bill, I have recieved several of these surveys in the last year, probably three. Each time I get to the request for cash I say to my wife you know if they offered me a job I might donate. You know sec.oflabor or something nothing to fancy. After all most of these politicians have more money than I'll ever see. If they can ask for cash they ought to offer something in exchange.

6:46 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

perhaps with all the devastation from hurricanes in the south..all political fund raising should take a rest.

7:23 PM


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