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Friday, September 16, 2005

Something is missing

Here is an article about a couple crooked politicians arrested by the FBI.
An FBI spokesman says state treasurer Robert Vigil and former state treasurer Michael Montoya were arrested this morning as part of a corruption investigation. The arrests were part of a two-year FBI public corruption investigation, code named "Midas Touch."

A federal indictment says the two men threatened investment adviser Kent Nelson, who was involved in investing state funds, in order to obtain nearly $700,000. It says Montoya received about $632,000 while Vigil received about $54,000.

Agents executed federal search warrants at the New Mexico State Treasurer�s office in Santa Fe and at both mens residences. Both men are expected to appear before a US Magistrate later today.
What's missing? Oh yeah, there is no mention of their political party affiliation. If they were Republicans it would be mentioned in the headline.


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