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Friday, October 21, 2005

Baghdad Bob needs your help

Congressman Bob McDermott (M-WA) (AKA: Baghdad Bob) is soliciting money to help with his legal fees. He says "without the donations he won't be able to concentrate on bringing the troops home instead of dialing for dollars."

How does McDermott intend to bring the troops home?
"I just returned from Jordan, where I talked to numerous prominent Iraqis who have fled Baghdad," McDermott wrote in an Oct. 14 pitch. "I want to spend my time working on what I learned on this trip in pursuing a peace plan together with my congressional colleagues. ...
So he is in negotiations with members of Iraq's former regime in exile working on a peace plan. WHAT? The war is over except pot shots and bombs from people funded by his buddies. Maybe, instead of giving hope to the insurgency McDermott should tell his buddies to stop killing our soldiers and Iraqi civilians. The people of Seattle should be ashamed that they continue to reelect this traitor to represent them.


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