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Monday, October 17, 2005

More local stupidity

Hear the story of a family whose residence is somehow on the border of two counties? So, they get a property tax bill from both counties and pay it every year. Now the school district is suing them for back tuition for sending their kids to school.
James and Linda Huegel sent their two children to the Forest Hills School District, and now the school board is suing the couple for $35,485 in back tuition from 1993 to 1999. The district says the couple lived in the 8000 block of Forest Pine Drive, which was in the West Clermont School District at the time, according to the suit filed in Clermont County Common Pleas Court. The residence was transferred to the Forest Hills district in 2000.
Bronston McCord, attorney for Forest Hills, spoke on behalf of Forest Hills:
The Huegels' developer told them that their house is in Forest Hills, which was incorrect, McCord said. Every other house on the street is in Forest Hills. McCord said it's unlikely that the Huegels didn't know they were in the wrong school district, because they received two tax bills - one from Hamilton County and a larger one from Clermont County. Both list the school district. Whether the Huegels knew that they were sending their kids to the wrong district, Forest Hills still has to pursue the matter, McCord said. "The bottom line is that Forest Hills is required by law to collect tuition for the unauthorized attendance."
I wonder if they rush refunds to families who send their children to parochial school or who home school their kids. As far as the lawyer's comment that the school district is identified on the property tax bill, who would look at the bill for that information. When we moved here we went to the closest school and registered our kids. If our address was in a different schools area they would not have let us enroll. If they allowed these people register their kids and they didn't realize for 5 years that the address wasn't in their area that's too bad. It isn't like these people lied about their address so they could send their kids to a better school system.


Anonymous bob said...

Bill, Schools probably have the most incompetent management of any business or public entity.There has been a story running in cleveland over the last month or so of text books being thrown away.Mind you these aren't ruined or obsolete copies nope, they just happen to be located at buildings that are no longer in use. Mean while their are children having to share books, so that books aren't available for homework or additional study for those who are falling behind. Heck they can't even count how many kids are missing each day.

4:45 AM


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