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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Crime Doesn't Pay

From St. Louis we have a story of a dead burgler. Did the homeowner shoot the burgler? No. Then what happened?
Police believe that a woman who was found dead Tuesday afternoon in a rear window in the 5400 block of Mimika Avenue had become wedged there while trying to burglarize a house and died of asphyxiation.

Police said the woman had spent Monday at the house on Mimika, and on Tuesday morning she went on her way and homeowner went to work. The woman obviously returned, and broke out a kitchen window, unlatched it and tried to crawl through, police said. But the window had a second latch that permitted it to raise up only so far, and the woman became wedged and later died, police said.

In her struggle to free herself, her pants came off, police said.
Sounds like the second latch on the window acted like a filter on the gene pool.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Justice sometimes gets served in the strangest ways.

8:02 AM


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