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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Cleveland mayoral primary

Today 10 to 20 percent of the eligible voters in Cleveland will go to the polls to winnow the pool of mayoral candidates from 8 down to 2. I haven't lived in the Cleveland area in decades so I'm not going to make a recommendation. However, I'm still concerned about my birth city so I was perusing the biographies of the candidates online at the Cleveland Plain Dealer. The biographical sketch included the standard questions about age, family, education, etc. It also included the softball question: "Name three leaders you admire most:" The responses included the expected names like Martin Luther King Jr., Ghandi, former president, former Cleveland mayors, and a few others. One candidates responses stood out, David Lynch. Here is his answer:
Three leaders you most admire: Former President Franklin D. Roosevelt, U.S. Sen. George Voinovich, Ted Ginn Sr.
If you're a college football fan the third name should ring a bell as he is the father of Ohio State sophmore phenom receiver Ted Ginn Jr.
In his own right Ginn Sr. is a very successful high school football coach but he doesn't seem to fit with other names mentioned. No knock of Coach Ginn, I've never heard a negative word about him but it seems his name was just thrown in the mix to appeal to sport fans. Lynch sure knows how to appeal to voters like me.
First thing I'd do as mayor: "Rally the region together to lay out a grand plan to solve the problems we have in the city." Also, he would "blow up parking meters" to make downtown more welcoming.
You could probably raise money by auctioning off the rights to blow up the parking meters.


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