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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Another hurdle cleared

Yesterday another hurdle was cleared in bringing democracy to Iraq as they had a large turnout for the vote on a new Iraqi Constitution.
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Sunday that initial assessments indicate Iraqis had probably approved a controversial constitution, although the turnout alone showed the fragile new political process has taken hold despite a deadly insurgency.
Since the lead up to invading Iraq we have had negative prediction after negative prediction. After each prediction turned out to be incorrect, the opponents of the War on Terror would just move the goal posts. Don Surber has a great run down of the various claims over the last few years. Here is a start:
As the second round of Iraq elections have succeeded, let us pause to reflect upon what critics of U.S. policy have said. First, "sanctions need more time." Yes, after 12 years of economic sanctions, the UN, France and other insiders had made quite a killing skirting the oil embargo under the guise of feeding children.

Second, they said the U.S. should have had an interim government in place. But when the U.S. said it was going to hand over Iraq to an interim government, they said June 30, 2004, was too soon, too soon. So Bush and Condi handed it over on June 28, 2004.
Read the rest. Don sums up the situation thusly:
Critics of the war are like the lad on the FedEx commercials: Always wrong. We don't receive French benefits, it isn't the Leaning Tower of Pizza and Jimmy Dean makes sausage.
Where do the goal posts go next?


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