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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

One word description: Delusional

The only word necessary to describe Mary Mapes is DELUSIONAL.
THE producer at the center of last year's "Memogate" scandal at CBS News says she was derailed by a vast right-wing conspiracy. The producer, Mary Mapes, is one of four CBS staffers fired last January in the wake of the scandal. She is convinced she was the victim of a group of loosely associated Internet bloggers "with a harsh political bent" who pounced on CBS News minutes after the airing of the now-infamous Texas Air National Guard story on "60 Minutes 2" in September 2004.
Let me get this straight. She attempts to derail the reelection of a sitting president by airing a story based on forged documents and now she's the VICTIM.

Meanwhile, Dan Rather is going around saying even if the documents were forged the real issue of what they claimed is being ignored. No kidding, wonder why?


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