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Saturday, October 15, 2005

What's Gerry Faust up to?

For the last 20 some years, Gerry Faust's name has been synonymous with failure or taking a job one is unqualified to do. For those who don't remember, Gerry was an extremely successful high school football coach at Moeller High School when he was offered the job of coaching the Notre Dame football team. Well, there is a world of difference between coaching at a high school and coaching the most high profile college program in the country. Most Notre Dame fans would just as soon forget his five year tenure. Courtesy of BizzyBlog we get a link to a story reminding us that no matter how many games his teams won or lost, Coach Faust is a good man.
While many would harbor resentment or regret at such a tenuous stint in the spotlight, Faust says that he has used the experience to strengthen his faith in God and teach other Catholics about the art of perseverance.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for noticing. Sometimes I wonder if people are reading the positivity pieces.


10:39 PM


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