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Friday, January 13, 2006

Another round of Alito columns

I don't know what op-ed columnists will find to write about after these hearings are over.

Neil Steinberg of the Chicago Sun-Times Despite left's rhetoric, Alito's just not that scary

In Liberal Groups Vow to Dig In Ronald Brownstein of the LA Times looks at liberals grasping at straws and also looks at how this nomination is related to this Novembers elections.

For some reason, these hearings are even being covered by the Fashion section of the Washington Post. The Alitos: Well Suited, And Dressed For Duress

David Limbaugh in Alito's open mind offends Democrats sums up why Dem's fear Alito.
The only ones who think they know for sure how Judge Alito would rule are the scoundrels interrogating him, as they readily project onto him their own willingness to rewrite the Constitution to conform to their policy agenda. Because of the flaws in their character and principles, they are apparently blinded to the gems in his.

Republicans say Alito personal jabs went too far from the Washington Times

E. J. Dionne Jr of the Washington Post writes in A Hearing About Nothing that Alito will move the court to the right on several issues. That is based on a misperception that Justice O'Connor is this mythical "swing vote." Reality is O'Connor has been a fairly reliable conservative vote over the last 25 years. Besides the fact that she voted with Chief Justice Rehnquist over 80% of the time, one example I'd point to is the strong dissent she wrote in the wrongly decided Kelo case of last year.

Daniel Henninger of the Wall Street Journal writes The Battle of Princeton -
Borking has lost its bite
. You can only cry wolf so many times before the townsfolks will ignore your cries.

On a somewhat unrelated note, a Kennedy cousin lost an appeal of his murder conviction yesterday. If that case reaches the Supreme Court, would Alito (and Roberts, Scalia, Thomas and Souter) need to recuse himself based on past negative treatment by a relative of the guilty party?


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