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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I didn't know that about Ken Blackwell

Of the three people running for the Republican nomination for this years Ohio governors race, I find myself most closely aligned with Ken Blackwell. I like what I've heard about his position on issues, particularly his opposition to taxes and his unapologetic pro-life stance. Steven Malanga of City Journal has a very informative article, Ronald Reagan’s Unlikely Heir, which showed me how little I knew about Blackwell. Read the article yourself, but here a few things I didn't know:

- I was aware he had played football, but didn't know it was at Xavier University (heck, I didn't know Xavier had ever had a football program).

- I didn't know that Rosa Blackwell, the new Superintendent of Cincinnati School District, is Ken's wife of 35 years.

- I didn't know that the tragic stampede at a rock concert which killed 13 people happened on Blackwell's first day in office as Cincinnati's mayor.

- I knew Blackwell was not always a Republican, but I didn't know he made his decision to join the party after President Reagan told him the story of his own political conversion.

(H/T to Betsy for the link)


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