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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Why the outrage over the Kelo decision?

Some didn't understand why the Supreme Courts decision in the Kelo case so angered other people. Read this article about how eminent domain was abused and you should get a better understanding.
A year after Los Angeles seized three acres from a private company to construct a public building, a city councilman wants to sell the land to another private firm for a commercial development. Both companies are furniture manufacturers. But executives with the company that would buy the land have political connections and have made $17,600 in campaign contributions to key city leaders.
Hmmm, give money to politician and he will take land from your competitor and sell it to you. Last week's confirmation hearings would lead one to believe that the Supreme Courts only area of concern is infanticide but they actually rule on many other matters that could affect any of us.


Blogger BizzyBlog said...

The details in the article are appalling. Just three:
1. "The council would have to take steps to declare it surplus property" before it could be sold the the furniture competitor. So in other words, pretend it's of no use to the city even though it spent huge amounts in legal fees to take control of it through eminent domain.
2. "The city negotiated a clause in the eventual settlement with Vaughan Benz that bars the firm from suing if the property is not used as an animal shelter, said one city official familiar with the project." Yeah, but wasn't it assumed at that point that the ultimate purpose would be a public purpose, even if not an animal shelter? Looks like not--see #3.
3. "But Parks and others began to talk publicly about their preference that the site be used for the Cisco furniture mart more than a year before the City Council approved a final settlement." So it really doesn't even have a fig leaf of honesty. By the time the old furniture company was out of energy and resources and settled, there was already at least an inkling that a competitor's facility would move in to take their place. But it looks like they felt they had to settle just to make the whole thing go away.

The whole thing stinks to high heaven.

Tom Blumer

10:48 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

In your blog, you say "Los Angeles County" but it is Los Angeles, the City of, NOT LA County.

2:11 PM


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