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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Local sheriff bills feds for housing illegal aliens in jail

The main complaints that conservatives have with the Bush Administration is failure to address the illegal alien problem and the out of control federal spending. Here is an article showing how our sheriff is expressing his anger at having to deal with illegal aliens.
An Ohio sheriff has billed the Department of Homeland Security $125,000 for the cost of jailing illegal aliens arrested on criminal charges in his county, saying he's angry that the federal government has failed in its responsibility to keep them out of the United States.
Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones yesterday said that although the government may not be legally obligated to pay the three bills he has sent since November, he intends to send similar ones every month until the federal government gains control of the border.
This isn't some Democrat looking for a way to hurt the president's standing on this issue.
He said, "While I love President Bush, I give him an F-minus in immigration," noting the administration has not done enough to control the U.S. borders. "If I accomplish anything, I hope I get more people talking about the problem," he said. "I just hope our elected officials start listening."
The Hispanic population in Hamilton, the Butler County seat, has grown by 500 percent since 1990. Overall, the county -- in southwestern Ohio, 25 miles north of Cincinnati -- has one of the region's fastest-growing Hispanic populations.
"The thousands of dollars it costs to house these illegal aliens must be paid by each and every taxpayer in Butler County," Sheriff Jones said. "This is money that could be put to much better use in our county."
I think I'll call Sheriff Jones' office today and thank him for his efforts.


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