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Friday, February 24, 2006

Charlie Wilson - A Not Ready for Prime Time Player

State Sen. Wilson wanted to move up from the state level to national level by running for an open congressional seat. To get on the ballot you need a petition signed by people who could actually vote for you.
State Sen. Charlie Wilson failed to get the minimum number of petition signatures, election officials said on Wednesday. To qualify for the May 2 primary ballot, Wilson needed 50 signatures of registered Democratic voters, and although he submitted 96 signatures a few days before the filing deadline, only 46 were found to be valid, elections officials said. (Many of the signatures were from Democrats who live outside the 6th District, press reports said.)
He missed the deadline, so that's the end of that, right? Nope.
"I am exploring a number of options, and am confident that in November I will be on the ballot and I will win the privilege and responsibility of representing Ohio families in Congress." Wilson could run as a write-in candidate or as an Independent in the May 2 primary election. Two other Democrats will appear on the ballot, but Wilson was considered the front-runner.
Okay, he can avoid the primary process and run as an Independent and hurt whichever Democrat followed the rules and wins the primary. Wilson sounds like a real team player.


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