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Friday, February 17, 2006

Missed the bus - What a lousy excuse for being late

I previously said I wouldn't be posting about the Winter Olympics. Well, Johnny Weir forced me to way in. He was favored in the Men's Figure Skating Championships and ended up arriving late and finishing in fifth place. His excuse?
"I missed the bus because they changed the schedule and I was late getting here," the angry and frustrated skater told reporters. "I never felt comfortable ... I wasn't feeling 100 percent ready." Weir, who was placed second going into the free skating program but missed many of his jumps and ended up fifth, said he would blame the mix-up on someone else but maybe he should have checked the bus times.
MAYBE!? No, not maybe. I missed the bus is the excuse you give when you're late to a job you hate. That is an unacceptable excuse when you're late to an event you've trained for years to compete in and for which your family and friends have undoubtedly support you.

Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports seems more concerned with whether he should come out of the closet or not. Hello, he's competing in figure skating and describes himself as the "prettiest flower at the pond." Does he need to make an announcement? Why is Wetzel so concerned?


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