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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

How do idiots like this guy become judges

Today's evidence of judicial stupidity comes from San Jose, California where U.S. District Judge Jeremy Fogel is worrying whether someone feels pain while being executed.
Agreeing that lethal injection may cause excessive pain, a federal judge told state corrections officials Tuesday to change the way they administer the fatal dose, or face a delay in death row inmate Michael Morales' Feb. 21 execution.
Hey, judge guess what? They are killing the guy and you're concerned about pain??? When the Constitution says no "cruel and unusual punishment" they weren't talking about a minute of pain on the way out the door. Demonstrating the fact that the judge is making things up as he goes, it took him 15 pages to explain his ruling. The more words it takes to explain something the more obvious it becomes that the decision was difficult to defend. We are not talking about stringing someone up by their neck and letting them hang there until they die.

This guy raped and murdered a teenage girl in 1981. The ridiculous mess our judicial system has become has allowed this guy's sentence to be delayed 25 years already.

Separately, if someone is strongly opposed to the death penalty, that is a fine and morally defensible position. However, you look foolish arguing that the killer shouldn't feel any pain when the penalty is administered. Result is the same with or without any pain. Argue against use of the punishment if that is your position but don't debate the method.


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