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Sunday, February 12, 2006

An inspirational story plus more proof it's a small world

I stopped at a gas station this morning to fill up and ran in to get the newspaper. Well, as soon as I saw the front page article about Dustin Carter I knew I'd have to share it with those of you from outside this area. Dustin is a sophomore who wrestles at Hillsboro High School. His record is unspectacular, 11 wins and 10 losses. However, when you consider that at age 5 he became a quadruple amputee, his participating in competitive sports at all is absolutely astounding.

As I get to the front of the line the guy behind me points to the story and says "did you all see this story?" Well, the guy running the gas station says "That's my grandson." You could see the pride he had in the boy's resiliency. This is the part of the story that hit me hardest:
Dustin lost both arms and legs to amputation.

He had surgery at Shriners Hospital for Children, then underwent three months of rehabilitation. A week after he was discharged from the hospital, he attended a birthday party at his grandparents' house. He was sitting on his dad's knee and lost his balance. He went to catch himself with his hand, but, of course, no hand was there. His dad caught him before he hit the floor.

Dustin was embarrassed.

"Dad, I just wish it could be like it was," he said.

"It's the only time I've heard him complain," Russ says.

Russ dabs at his eyes.

"The only time."
Just think how much whining and complaining most of us would do if we had to deal with one tenth of the hardship that little boy faced.

Go hug your kids and pray they stay healthy.


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