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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Krivsky's First Week

Wayne Krivsky has been the General Manager of the Cincinnati Reds for about a week. Obviously, it is too early to pass any kind of informed assessment. Doesn't matter. Just as baseball fans have no problem denouncing or praising a trade the day it is made, we similarly don't hesitate to form opinions of front office performance. A teams GM gets the credit and the blame for the moves the team makes even though in reality there are many people (Assistant GM, Farm Director, etc) involved. Well, Aaron Gleeman is a Twins fan who was concerned about how much of the teams brain trust was being lost to the Reds with Krivsky's departure. He praised Krivsky for signing Adam Dunn to a three deal and avoiding arbitration, but seriously questioned a couple of other player moves.
It's wonderful to know that we can be sure about Wayne Krivsky, and not Terry Ryan, being behind those nasty Timo Perez-to-the-Twins rumors that popped up last month. Krivsky's first real move as general manager of the Reds was to sign Perez to a minor-league deal. It's not quite showing up to a new job drunk on the first day, but considering Perez hit .235/.272/.322 over the past two years and Krivsky is being paid to put together a baseball team, it's reasonably close.
I think Gleeman overstates the case on Perez. Sure, he's not a great player, but teams frequently sign players like Perez as organizational filler. If it had been a major league contract I would feel differently, but he won't make the team unless they suffer several injuries.


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