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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Charlie Rangel is a hypocrite

I previously posted that Charlie Rangel is a moonbat and I stand by that assessment. However, he needs to be further identified by another adjective - hypocrite.
One of the most vociferous congressional critics of President Bush's so-called tax cuts for the rich, Rep. Charles Rangel, is also one of the House's most "vigorous" advocates of restoring a tax loophole that allowed multimillionaires to evade up to 90% of their personal federal income taxes.
Not too surprising since Rangel is also the guy who sponsored a bill to reinstate the military draft at the same time he was claiming the Bush administration was planning to reinstate the draft after the 2004 election and then he voted against his own bill. Rangel is one of the nastiest members of congress and exemplifies all that is wrong with the political system.

But why is Rangel supporting this legislation?
Since 1998, 37 Virgin Islands taxpayers have ponied up a combined total of $38,700 for Mr. Rangel's re-election fund, according to Federal Election Commission filings. Donors include retirees, realtors, investors, bankers, attorneys, and prominent local entrepreneurs, including representatives of the AH Riise duty-free chain and Virgin Islands Rum Industries. Mr. Rangel said the donations, some of which came from fund-raisers held in the Virgin Islands, had not inspired his activism on the EDC matter.
These sort of loophole games are the biggest reason I think our tax code should be thrown out and replaced with either a flat tax or a national sales tax.


Anonymous realitybasedbob said...

If this story is true, I will have a few e-mails to write to a certain U.S. Rep.

But, if that has you steamed - read this…

Or just Google Jack Abramoff or David Safavian or Duke Cunningham or Adam Kidan or Michael Scanlon or Kathleen Harris or Wade Mitchell or … well, you know the names --- the list is long

I trust your outrage blankets everyone, especially the ones who have been convicted or have already plead guilty.

Whatcha got on:

The port deal
Katrina video
Libby defense - "I forgot"
OxyContin talk show hosts
Gops pleading guilty to….
Falafel sexers’ 10 million dollar settlement (allegedly)

Are these examples of moonbatters or hypocrites?

10:20 AM

Blogger LargeBill said...


I won't attempt to address every scandal (real or imagined) that you list. However, I'll throw an adjective at a few of them.
Cunningham = Disappointment
Abramoff = crook
Opponents of the port deal = political opportunists
Katrina video = contrived issue
Libby defense = I haven't seen the evidence, but if I were asked about a conversation from a year ago I'm certain I'd get portions incorrect. If it is proven that he really commited perjury, then he should be punished. When he was indicted I believe I posted that I consider truthful testimony to be the cornerstone of our legal system.
As far as Republicans (or Democrats) being guilty, in most cases it amounts to a betrayal of public trust. Unfortunately, power tends to corrupts people. Politicians from both parties commit crimes. I may tend to devote more posts to Democrat misbehavior, but that is because the MSM only seems interested in Republican crimes.

I have no idea what you're referring to by falafel sex.

11:15 AM

Anonymous realitybasedbob said...

This should clear up any confusion about falafels.

The first few pages are just blab la bla but it is interesting. The heart of the story, indeed the heart of the settlement begins with the accusations starting on page 7 and what can only be described as a transcription of a taped phone call starts on page 11.

Funny that the moral righties didn’t get this guy thrown off the air. It is believe that the settlement was as high as 10 million dollars. The spin stopped there.

12:18 PM

Anonymous realitybasedbob said...

my 11 is his threat

page 16 is the phone call

12:24 PM

Anonymous realitybasebob said...

I don’t remember who said this…I think it was the disgraced Newty…

”You can’t have a corrupt lobbyist with out a corrupt politician.”

If, as you say Abramoff is a crook – what do you say about the people he was crooked with?

Jack Abramoff – plead guilty to bribery
David Safavian – bushco’s chief procurement officer--- arrested for perjury
Duke Cunningham – plead guilty
Adam Kidan – plead guilty
Michael Scanlon – plead guilty
Kathleen Harris – I just don’t like her – and she has ties to …
Wade Mitchell briber of the Dukester
OxyContin wind bag – admitted drug addict

Did I mention tom delay?

12:36 PM

Anonymous realitybasebob said...

opps, i meant to include this hot tub tom news

12:37 PM

Blogger LargeBill said...

So you were referring to the liberal gas bag O'Reilly? I forgot about his episode of stupidity and sexual harassment. Who knows how much money she was paid. Never believe the rumors on settlements. FOX probably should have let him go. However, that game comes down to ratings. Rather wasn't canned just for making stuff up and being extremely biased. He was dropped for having lousy ratings for years and then giving them a reason to let him go.

Still don't know what your point is with the list. Each side has some crooks. I think based on what I've seen there are more crooks on the left. You think there are more on the right. Doesn't matter any who actually break the law should be punished appropriately. Those who are "dirty" but not convicted should not be reelected. However, we both know things don't always worked the way you or I may think they should.

1:09 PM

Anonymous realitybasedbob said...

Do you really believe the Great BO is a liberal? You’re not a Medved/Savage(Weiner) guy are you?

My point is the criminal gop coup has been in complete control for 6 years and partially in control since ’94. The traitors who seem to be more often found guilty or plead guilty or are under indictment or have criminal implications leveled at them are gops. By my count there are at least 20 in the last 2 years alone. Yes, yes the dems have their fair share of criminals – here is one ---

Put him in jail and throw away the key.

My question is, what happened to the gop and why has the rank and file goppers let the neo-cons take over their semi proud party and how can goppers justify/ support/vote for these anti American - constitution flushing criminals. I say sent up an Eisenhower gopper and let’s get back to work. What ever happened with that contract on America, anyway?

What was I saying about Katharine Harris?

7:15 AM


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