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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Overhyping a change which changes nothing

Over the last couple days it has been reported ad nauseum that Katie Couric is the replacement for Dan Rather as anchor of the CBS evening news. For some reason this has been hyped as a big deal. Why? Basically CBS is just replacing one extremely biased liberal with another extremely biased liberal. The only noticable change will be in their accents. CBS may experience a slight blip up in ratings as a couple people who like Couric from her morning show tune in, but in the long run they won't see a major change. People who stopped watching CBS years ago out of disgust at their blatent liberal bias will not flock back out of curiosity over a female anchor.

UPDATE: The Today Show has decided to stay extremely liberally biased by replacing Couric with a goofy war protester.


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