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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Why is this illegal?

I have to sarcastically ask why is this illegal?
Jury Finds Three Guilty of Beating Pregnant Woman Three people have been found guilty of beating a pregnant woman in an effort to kill the fetus her boyfriend did not want her to carry to term. Buford, Russell and Curry were convicted Monday of attempted murder of a fetus, assault with a deadly weapon to terminate a pregnancy, attempted robbery and kidnap for purposes of robbery. Buford and Russell also were found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder.
Fortunately, the baby survived this attempted abortion. I thought the right to an abortion was settled law handed down by the Supreme Court. Maybe it is an issue of practicing medicine without a license. That must be it. You have to go to school and become a highly trained doctor in order to kill children.

How can the courts fail to see the hypocrisy in these contradictory rulings? If a woman wants to kill a child she can see some scumbag doctor and it's a simple, private medical procedure and considered completely legal by our amoral society. If a man tries to kill the same child it is attempted murder of a fetus (fetus by the way is the Latin word for baby). Both acts are equally heinous.


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