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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Wednesday's notes & links

Lot's of odd stuff in the news today.

Bobcat that attacked golfer was rabid The golfer killed the attacking animal with a seven iron after arguing with his caddy about which club to use.

Teacher uses unexploded ordnance as a paperweight. What could go wrong? Give the guy a hand. No seriously, give him a hand - he really needs one now.

Staying with humor, Sen. Dodd Says 2008 Run Is 'An Itch' Why is it that every senator believes they should be president?

In case there were any baseball fans not annoyed by Barry Bonds, he now has Jesse Jackson making stupid comments on his behalf. If you are concerned about your reputation for integrity (or lack thereof) you don't associate with Jackson.

There is a job opening at DHS. This scumbag has to be about the dumbest pervert going:
When he wasn't sending pornographic movies to and asking for explicit photos from a teenage girl in Polk County, a Maryland man was bragging about his job as a spokesman at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, law enforcement officers said. The revelation - actually made to a detective posing as a 14-year-old girl - resulted in the arrest of 55-year-old Brian J. Doyle at his Silver Spring, Md., home Tuesday night, officials said. During his Internet chats, Doyle quickly revealed his name and job, and he sent his office and government-issued cell phone numbers. The information allowed detectives to quickly verify Doyle's identity, the Polk County Sheriff's Office announced Tuesday night.

Next time I'm upset about our criminal justice system I just need to think about the recent changes to the British system.
Burglars will be allowed to escape without punishment under new instructions sent to all police forces. Police have been told they can let them off the threat of a court appearance and instead allow them to go with a caution.

The same leniency will be shown to criminals responsible for more than 60 other different offences, ranging from arson through vandalism to sex with underage girls.

New rules sent to police chiefs by the Home Office set out how seriously various crimes should be regarded, and when offenders who admit to them should be sent home with a caution. A caution counts as a criminal record but means the offender does not face a court appearance which would be likely to end in a fine, a community punishment or jail.


Blogger Crazy Politico said...

A 40mm shell is a bad paperweight? Maybe we should combine your stories, and send some of those paperweights to the guy from DHS and Rev. Jackson :)

3:03 AM

Blogger LargeBill said...

Sounds like a good idea.

7:10 AM


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