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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Tuesday stuff

A few links for a Tuesday evening.

Another economics article, wonder if this is Bush's fault: "Black business owners on rise"

Bill Bennett isn't very pleased with the Pulitzer prize award choices. Sometimes what you choose to honor says a lot about an organization.

Earlier today I posted about Rob Portman being named to head the OMB, this obviously ends the rumors of his taking the place of John Snow at Secretary of the Treasury. I haven't understood the amount of flak Snow has taken. Our economy has actually been roaring for the last couple years and the market is starting to catch up. Don Luskin examines how Snow has been underappreciated and why.

More proof that marijuana affects your memory. Rolling Stoned magazine says the Bush is the worst U.S. president in history. What, they can't remember as far back as Jimmy Carter? I contend it is silly to rank historical figures (or baseball players) while still active. Having said that, Bush could end ranking as high as top five and no lower than number 20 depending on how his policies play out. I need to do a serious ranking of presidents. Consider it entered on my "to-do" list. The great and the awful are easy. The tough part is sorting out the guys in the middle. My initial thought on this subject is that Polk and Hayes have been short changed by history.


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