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Monday, April 17, 2006

Stuff for a Monday evening

You almost feel bad for lying Joe Wilson after reading Christopher Hitchen's latest evisceration of Wilson's prevaricating. I say almost feel for him because it is impossible to feel anything but revulsion for the man after his political machinations to undermine our nation's reputation during time of war.

Michael Berg is running for Congress. Who is he? Well, his son is actually better known. His son was Nick Berg, the guy who was captured and beheaded by terrorists in Iraq. His father actually decided to be more angry with President Bush for his son's murder than the scum who killed his son. The son may have been worth voting for, but the father is only worthy of scorn.

Defense Secretary Rumsfeld gave a lengthy interview to Rush Limbaugh today. Here's the transcript.

For laughs you can visit BizzyBlog to see Bob McEwen's "response" to the serious allegations raised by the Enquirer. Response is in scare quotes because McEwen's spokesman did everything but respond to the charges. His campaign has officially become a comedy act.


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